5 Superfoods That Help Your Hair Grow

There are many things that stand in the way of getting the desired #lengthgoals. Dirt, pollution, unhealthy diet and lifestyle changes can lead to hair problems. Theses hair problems include dandruff, split ends, hair thinning, shedding etc. I've researched these 5 superfoods that will change your hair health and get those strands growing. Y'all know I'm a hair nerd. Ok here is the list. #lengthcheck.


#1 Tumeric

I'm not sure how many of you have heard of this amazing root.

This gingery seasoning is praised not just for its flavor, but its healing properties.

That’s because of curcumin, a compound found in turmeric that acts as a natural anti-inflammatory and antioxidant agent…

...leading to dramatically enhanced protection against the inflammation associated with all manner of conditions, from arthritis to Alzheimer’s.

Thankfully, these same antioxidants also battle the yeasty scalp buildup that causes dandruff.

And curcumin’s anti-inflammatory powers can reduce the risk of scalp infections and injuries that choke off your hair’s ability to grow.

So spicing up your diet with a touch of turmeric won’t just set your taste buds tingling.

It will also nurture and nourish your scalp, for smoother-growing, cleaner-looking locks!

Spice up your meals with turmeric. Most often found in yellow curry dishes, turmeric is a member of the ginger family.

Why it’s a good food for women: Curcumin, a plant nutrient that gives turmeric its deep golden color, has long been used in Eastern medicine to treat infections and help speed wound healing.

research suggests that the spice may be useful in treating conditions like inflammation, digestive problems, arthritis and Alzheimer’s. I use it almost every day as a tea for my digestion, it works wonders.

Where to get it: Look for turmeric in your supermarket’s spice aisle or near the ginger root in produce also in the bulk aile are Winco or Fred meyers, Whole foods. Capsules are easy to take just about $8 per bottle.

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#2 Sardines

They may be small, and they can be smelly.

But sardines are a superfood that prove you should never judge a book by its cover (or odor!).

The University of Maryland Medical Center has noted that sardines contain strong amounts of riboflavin, seen to help reduce the risk of migraines and cataracts…

...and niacin, which has been linked to an improvement in arthritic symptoms.6

And, most crucially for your hair, sardines contain what Fox News calls “an insane amount of vitamin B12.”

This vitamin’s principal function is the creation of red blood cells. And the more red blood cells your body contains, the more oxygen they can take to the proteins in your hair strands…

...firming the bonds that give your locks their structure, shape, and volume.

Sardines are also one of the few potent dietary sources of vitamin D, which a recent scientific study suggests can actually promote the development of new hair follicles…

...leading to thicker hair, and a decreased risk of excess hair loss!

That makes sardines an awesome way to limit excess exposure to potential damage from nature’s other top vitamin D source...the sun!


#3 Beets

Excuse the pun...but when it comes to healthy eating, it’s pretty hard to beat beets!

Studies have shown that drinking one glass of beet juice a day can lower your average blood pressure by up to 5 points!

And the heavy vitamin content of beets has also been linked to improved brain and liver functions, and a compelling increase in stamina.

What’s more, beets are another superfood loaded with nutrients that improve circulation to your scalp.

And they’re especially high in potassium...a mineral whose deficiency has been connected to the buildup of sodium around your follicles…which can block them from growing fresh hair!

As a bonus, beetroot juice can even be used as a safe, all-natural dye, to give your hair a fetching reddish tint!

It’s just one more way beets can make your hair look and feel amazing...inside and out!


#4 Kale

This leafy green vegetable has become sort of the “poster boy” of the superfoods.

In a range of studies, it’s been shown as a contributor to lower blood pressure and cholesterol… and for its ability to improve your body’s absorption of calcium, for stronger bones and teeth.

Fortunately, this ever-more-popular salad staple also offers considerable goodness for your hair!

You see, kale is full of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.

The fatty acids nourish your scalp and promote stronger circulation...preparing your follicles to grow you lots of thick, resilient, strong healthy hair!

Kale is also loaded with beta carotene, a pigment your body converts into vitamin A.

This hydration-boosting vitamin keeps you properly moisturized, to prevent scalp dryness and dandruff.

And the vitamin C in kale supports your body’s production of collagen...a fundamental protein for the structuring of sturdy yet flexible hair strands.

So, try substituting kale for your usual leafy greens…

...and your hair will experience a revitalized burst of volume, strength, and shine!


#5 Broccoli

All we need to do to show you how much your hair needs the supercharge of broccoli…

...is give you this list of just some of the hair-fortifying nutrients you’ll find in this superfood:

VITAMIN C: The collagen-boosting vitamin that strengthens the shape of your tresses

VITAMIN A: A natural hydrator, for a well-moisturized head of hair

IRON: A key mineral for the stimulation of thick, fast-growing hair(I can write a full blog post of the important roll iron plays on hair growth omg)

VITAMIN B6: Helps your body form melanin, the top pigment for boosting healthy color

PROTEIN: The building block of durable hair...you’ll find a good bit more here than in other leafy greens

MAGNESIUM: Prevents excess calcium buildup on your scalp, to keep your follicles clear for hair growth...

and ANTIOXIDANTS: These disinfecting agents keep your scalp disease-free and healthy...just the way it needs to be for you to grow full, lustrous locks!

Combine these benefits with the ways in which broccoli can help improve your digestion...boost your eye and heart health...and reduce your cholesterol…

...and it’s clear that, like always, mother knows best:

You really should eat your broccoli!



So, my report on the top five superfoods is in…

...and happily, each and every one receives a clean bill of hair health!

They not only offer benefits to strengthen and nutrify your body…

...they also make your hair stronger...help it grow faster...and keep it well-hydrated and simply exploding with rich natural color and shine

That’s why you should consider making all five of these foods a regular part of your diet.

Your body may thank you…

...but we can promise, your hair will absolutely adore you for it!