Chamomile Tea For Your Hair?🤔

As a natural, you already know locking in moisture is everything!  Summer is gone and Fall is here with all of its crisp cool air which is bound to leave your hair feeling a little dry. 

The lack of hair moisture can cause itching and flakiness, which can lead to dandruff, and no one wants that. 

Don’t fret, this blog will provide you with an exhilarating natural hair moisture remedy that you can make at home with ingredients you probably have in your cabinet. You will have the  moisture back in your mane in no time  and have your hair feeling soft and looking luscious.  


Before I give you the recipe let me share a little bit about the main ingredient-Chamomile.  Chamomile, often referred to as an herb, is an ancient plant that dates back to Egyptian civilization for more than 2,000 years.  It was highly revered by the Egyptian gods for its ability to heal ailments, but also for its use in beauty regiments.  In Western civilization, most relate chamomile to a soothing herbal tea, however, chamomile has a multitude of uses, including a natural sedative, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antibacterial anti-fungal and anti-allergen properties.   So now that you know you are in good hands with chamomile, let’s get into my loc-moisture recipe, which is a sweet tea Moisture rinse, with the main ingredient-you guessed it-chamomile tea.   This recipe will help block the inflammation that comes from scalp dryness.  


Sweet Chamomile Tea Rinse




2-4 cups of chamomile tea (cool to room temperature)

2 teaspoons of lemon juice

1 oz Juju oil(your favorite flavor)

2-3 drops of bergamot essential oil

2 tsp. of raw honey



Shampoo hair or locs(great for both)



Boil four cups of water  

Place 2-4 bags of chamomile tea bags into a large boil with the hot water.  

Add the lemon juice, honey and Juju Oil, Bergamot essential oil 


Allow the mixture  to steep until the tea is room temperature

Pour the mixture over detangled hair or locs. I like you use a plastic bottle with nozzle.


Massage the mixture into hair and scalp


Place a plastic cap over hair for 20 minutes, if you have a hooded dryer that would be awesome, if not wrap a steam towel around the plastic cap.


For loose naturals Rinse hair add conditioner to hair only, do not let it touch your scalp. Rinse and towel dry.

For locs just rise hair with cool or warm water.


Try this at home and let me know how this moisture remedy worked for your hair! Leave a comment below, like🖤 and subscribe for more recipes!


 To seal in moisture, use our Juju Oil Juicy Mango