What You Should Know Before Starting Your Locs

First things first, Locs do not happen overnight! The time it takes for your hair to lock depends on the type and texture of your hair. It typically takes 6 months to a year for your hair to loc, it just takes a little bit of patience.

There are a few ways to start your locs including two strand twists, comb twists, and interlocking and the sister loc method. Consult with your stylist before hand and she will be able to guide you in the method that would work best for your hair.

Starting Your Locs With Two Strand Twist Locs can be started with two strand twists and it is often the go to method for longer hair and also highly textured hair. Starting Locs with two strand twists will give the Locs a solid foundation internally allowing the Locs to look thicker this, also depends on the size of the two-strand twists.

Starting Your Locs With Comb Twist

Starting Locs with comb twists is the best for those with a shorter length of hair, usually 2 - 8 inches. Comb twists are also useful because it works well for most curly hair textures, creating a nice coil. This method utilizes a comb to create uniform coils around your head, which are often the go to technique for pencil-sized traditional Locs.